The Shining Nation

When I became a part of the O.N.C. (Online Nerfing Community), one of my biggest goals was to be a connector. So far I’ve met people as far away as Singapore, Sweden, and Australia, and this site has reached about forty countries, which is a great start, but now it’s time to do some connectin’! This page will be dedicated to you, my audience! Whether you’re in America, Denmark, Brazil, the UK or France, or anywhere else in the world, this page is YOURS. To be a part of it, all you have to do is send me a picture of you and your friends having fun with your blasters to All pictures will be displayed here, and contact information can be provided if you request it. With enough effort, this page will serve as a sort of phone book for the Global Nerf Nation. Here you’ll be able to meet people from the other side of the world, make friends, and connect. So snap a picture, send it my way, and let the good times roll!

At the top of the list is my own partner, Jason. Jason is one of the largest Nerf bloggers and YouTubers around, and is even recognized by Nerf itself. He’s known as BasicNerf online and is based in California, USA. You can connect with Jason on YouTube, WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter.

This is Qi of Singapore! Qi goes by AwesomeNerfer1999 on the web and hosts his own blog and YouTube channel!

This is Joshua from Georgia, USA, and he has dashingly good blaster taste if I might add. Josh hosts his own blog at Nerf Castle.

This is Chiew, also known as p13c0fch33s3 on the Outback Nerf blog, from Victoria, Australia! He’s decked out in an N-Strike tactical vest, two bandoliers, a Vortex ammo belt, Lumitron, Rayven, Whiteout Nitefinder and Longstrike, and an Alpha Trooper. Way to load up for battle Chiew!

Now if this guy doesn’t ooze cool I don’t know who does. This is Lincoln from Tasmania. Going by Link online and as director of S.O.F.T., he’s the most badarse Ausie I know. 😉 Nice job Link.

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