ShiningFoam Launches

Hey guys! So in case you didn’t know, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in the background for the past month when I’ve had the chance, and I’ve just launched my new YouTube channel, ShiningFoam. The reason I made it is because I am now a product tester for NERF. I’ve already gotten my first package and am busily editing unboxings now. I have TONS of footage to sort through, but for now, I have five videos on the new channel. Here’s the Nerf Package Unboxing one. Hope you like it!

By the way, being a new channel it is still REALLY small, no matter how good the videos are. Help me grow! And if you like what you see, subscribe to keep in the loop. 😉


Introducing ShiningFoamGaming

What’s up guys, so I just made a new channel (well, two new channels actually) on YouTube, ShiningFoam and ShiningFoamGaming. I’ll explain later but these channels will be replacing HvZAuburn. Don’t worry! You’ll still get loads of Nerfiness! You’ll also get video game commentaries, so if you’re into that you may want to check it out.

Speaking of which! I have just uploaded my first video onto SFG, a minecraft LetsPlay. The quality of the videos will improve, I promise, I’m just learning the whole screen-capture thing. So then! If you’d like to find out who my favorite superhero is, and see me make a fool of myself, click below to watch the first episode of Captain’s Quest! Also, if you like what you see, and if you’d like more of it, a like, subscribe n’ all that other good stuff would be appreciated. Stay Shiny! ;D

The Super Soaker Awesome Squad!

Alright! Nerf is back on YouTube! No word yet on what sent them under the radar, but they’re back! All videos have been re-uploaded, along with a hilarious new Super Soaker commercial. Check it below if you’re in the mood for a good laugh. 😀

The Super Soaker Awesome Squad!