Nerf Vortex Proton Range Demo (90 ft.!!!)

Hey guys, so today I edited this little piece together. It’s my first range demo but I think it turned out pretty good. Tell me watcha think!

Nerf Vortex Mini Pocket Footballs // a.k.a. GRENADES!!!

The other day I was in Academy Sports & Outdoors and noticed something very interesting in the Nerf section. Academy wasn’t stocking the new Elite line yet, but they had some of the new Nerf Sports line. What really caught my attention were some very tiny Nerf footballs, called the Aero Flyers. Now I’ve seen these before… when I was six. Seeing them really brought back some cool memories of playing with my little green black and red one with my dad. I’m glad the little 4″ Pockets have stuck around. Anyway, I nearly grabbed a couple to use as grenades in HvZ, and if I didn’t like them so much and wasn’t worried about not getting them back after tossing  them I would have. What do you think? Grenade worthy? 😉

After doing a bit of research online, I found out that there are nearly as many Nerf footballs as there are blasters. Actually, the first Nerf football was released back in 1972, before even the first blaster! There have been dozens of different models and colors, even some sponsored by major American football  figures, like the Peyton Manning football. There are even special models with team colorations, like the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers balls. (There are several versions of all of these balls).

There’s even a Nerf Spiderman football.

I found a cool “History and Evolution of the Nerf Football” article, you might like it. 🙂

The 12.5” Nerf Mega Aero Howler Football whistles as it flies through the air. *throw* Whiiiiiiissssstle BOOM!!!

Oh, they had this too, which looks AMAZING to me. If you don’t want to just toss it around as a football, you could always use it in a war as a mortar. 😉 The Mega Aero Howler retails for around $10.

The Nerf VORTEX Pyragon, Now on Store Shelves!

YAAARRR!! Thar she blows!! Hoist the mainsail and man the oars! Capture the mighty beast we must!…    YAAAARR!!!

So my soon-to-be-favorite-blaster-of-all-freakin’-time hit shelves today. The Pyragon was publicly launched this morning with the Nerf N-Strike Elite line, and well, here are some pictures of this massive white whale of a blaster! 😀

Call me Captain freakin’ Nemo, but I WILL have this blaster!

Up until recently people have been wondering if the 40-round Vortex drum was designed specifically for the Pyragon, or if it’s a universal Vortex clip. Welp, the box says it’s universal. That means that if you feel like switching things up for a battle, or if you’re in a war with a no-rapid-fire rule, you can still use this massive clip in either the Nitron or Praxis. Nice move Nerf.

Proton 2 Pack // K-mart special

Whilst out on this fine launch day I noticed something rather peculiar in my local K-mart. On the shelves were the layout tags for all the upcoming blasters, and while the blasters themselves were still stowed away in the back room awaiting their debut, one of the tags in particular caught my attention. The new Nerf Proton 2 Pack. The little tag said it clear as day, Nerf will be selling Protons in 2’s from now on.

Curious, I went onto the K-mart website and searched for the mysterious 2 pack, and I found it. Apparently Nerf is pushing them as a duel-weilded set, or as a one-on-one set. Either way, the Proton is a great little blaster, and only good can come of it. 🙂

Here’s the product description from the K-mart webpage.

“Product Description

• Compact, fast-loading, single-shot disc blasters are ideal for getting you out of tight spots or blasting off final shots to win the battle! • Quick snap-load technology lets you load a disc while moving to a strategic spot on the battlefield! • As with all VORTEX blasters, blasters feature XLR long-range disc technology to launch discs an ultra long distance! • Ages 8 and up. • CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. • TO AVOID INJURY: Use only discs designed for this product. Do not modify discs or disc blaster.

VORTEX disc blasters are the cutting edge in long-range, high-powered technology, with revolutionary XLR Disc Tech that hurls ultra-distance discs for the ultimate battle experience. Both of these powerful, single-shot blasters have a Tactical Rail for you to add Tactical Rail accessories, giving you the edge in battle. Their quick snap-load technology lets you reload fast and get back in the game. Take advantage of their small size to hide them away when you need the element of surprise, then blast away with a two-fisted attack! Or give one to a friend, to be your wing man or your opponent!

Added on August 01, 2012″

Nerf Vortex Pyragon // Pictures from Vas

Vas the Stampede from Foam From Above has received his Nerf Vortex Pyragon! He gives us high def. pictures of this unreleased blaster, and mentions future releases on the box art. I’ll just get out of the way and let the pictures do the talking. 😉

This thing looks like a beast, and I can’t wait to use it against some zombies.*cough cough* Nerf, send me one! *cough!* This is also the first pic. we have of the Pyragon with a stock attached, which makes it look even bigger and tougher.

Notice in the thumbnail that the Refreshed Nitron comes with an extra 10-disc clip, and the new Vortex Shield. That, up until now, was unconfirmed. Way to go Vas!

Vas also goes over the drum mag in more detail than we’ve had before. We now know that each interior clip is numbered, and your remaining ammo can easily be monitored by using the large, rear window. This blaster has GOT to be one of (if not THE) most powerful blaster yet. Way to go Nerf!!

Nerf Vortex Pyragon Launch Date Confirmed – August 1st

Nerf announced on FaceBook today that the new Vortex Pyragon, the most powerful blaster in the Vortex line up so far, will be released to the Nation on the 1st of August, just two weeks away. My trigger finger is already itching. How ’bout yours? 😉

What’s that on the horizon? Looks like the first-ever drum fed Nerf Vortex blaster,                     featuring 40 disc capacity and slam-fire capability. The Vortex Pyragon blaster,                           hitting shelves 8/1. The future looks bright.

The Nerf Vortex Praxis // Sonic Series

A few mysterious shots of the box art have popped up before, but they were unconfirmed until now. Nerf has officially released the Sonic Praxis, and it’s on store shelves right now (I’m assuming). Here’s a shot of the new blaster when fully assembled, and equipped with a Lumitron magazine.

I’m not tottally convinced on the color, but the inner glowing effect does look nice. I’m sure it would be a blast to run around with it at night and pretend you’re firing radioactive ammunition at your friends. 🙂

Blaster internals are identical to the original Nerf Vortex Praxis. The blaster uses a shotgun pump priming system and a torsion spring to launch disc-style ammunition up to an advertised 60 feet (though wind can make them go further). The blaster also sports a tactical rail, bandolier attachment points, and a symmetrical clip release system. Upon purchase, the box includes a stock and one 10 round vortex clip.

Photos from NerfSG and Nerf Mods and Reviews.