Slicin’ the Pie

Would you care for some pie? It’s pi flavored. 😉

Good morning! Last night I remembered something that I didn’t cover in my last post, and it’s important, so here’s a slice of tactical pie! It’s better if you microwave it first.

Slicing the Pie

This is a term that means you don’t take any chances when passing corners or walls. This technique will drastically reduce your chance of being tagged by an Ambuscade (ambush zombie). To do this, imagine being tethered to the corner by a rope, and pivot around it at the edge of your rope. You will always be the same distance from the corner as you pass it. As you do so, aim your blaster just to the left or right (whichever is the open air) of the corner and focus your blaster on that point. As you pivot, more ground will come into view. And the second it is in view, you’re already aiming at it.


 The most basic form of pie slicing. Just pivot several feet away (out of zombie lunge distance) and piece away at the uncertain ground. Once this corner is cleared, you can stand guard (watching both directions, the one you just came from and the one you’re about to go into) while your team passes.

Opening Doorways

This one is meant to mess with zombies’ heads. To properly open a door (in a stealth mission) just stand to the side of it (the handle side), as close to the wall as possible. Reach out and quickly open the door. When the door starts swinging open, retreat to a safe distance (still out of sight from anything on the other side). This puts you out of harms way in case there is a zombie hiding just on the other side of it.

Entering Open Doorways

To safely enter a doorway you should start on one side as close to the wall as possible. Peer in through the door and scan the other side. Use the same pivoting technique you used in cornering, only this time your tether is attached to the center of the door frame. Side-step around the door and look out as you pass. Once you have reached the other side, double check. If all is clear, proceed, but remember that you probably haven’t been able to see completely 180 degrees on the other side of the door. The spots right along the walls on either side of the door may harbor zombies. Side-step into the room while aiming at these areas.

If you would rather not take this risk, you can reach out with just your hand going through the door, with your blaster pointing at one of the two points. Fire a quick round here; if a zombie hiding in that small, hidden window, it will be stunned by your dart/disc. The point of this is to take out any zombies that you can’t see, without putting you anywhere near it (except for maybe your hand for about a second), but it is a “just in case” tactic. Repeat this for the other side and continue through the room.

These tactics should always be used by the first person in a group. Using them properly will always increase your odds of survival, along with that of other members of your team.