Nerf ALSO releases all prices for every piece of N-Strike Elite Equipment :)

I’m personally looking forward to the Elite Bandolier. It’s even my school colors!

Nerf has just posted the prices for all N-Strike Elite gear on the official Hasbro site. Now you can start thinking about how much you want to spend, and what exactly you can get for that amount, so start planning your new armory now! :] It looks like there are several pieces in the Elite line that we didn’t know about before, like the Elite bandolier and Elite Tactical Vest. There are also different sized packages of Elite darts shown and even the price for the new Nerf Pyragon. You can also click “where to buy” to figure out exactly where the blaster you want will be in stock.

Here’s the official link.

And just in case the link decides to stop working (like the new Elite blaster video links, grrrr) here are a few screenshots showing all the new gear. Bon appetit. ^_^