The First Links in a VERY Cool Chain

A few days ago I was introduced to another amazing member of the Online Nerfing Community, and one that just so happens to have a VERY cool talent. Ethan Grant is a YouTuber/Nerfer who has a nack for creating chainmail. Yeah, real, handmade, CHAINMAIL. For those of you who don’t know, chainmail is a style of medieval armor that was worn by castle guards, knights, and even samurai warriors hundreds of years ago. The stuff was like the bulletproof vest of last millennium, and still holds a very strong aura of cool about it.

Ethan is able to create full protective vests and shirts, along with bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, even FRISBEES all out of chainmail. He has very recently started up his YouTube channel and has shown off a few of his current products while discussing his love for nerf and the nerfing community. And get this guys, he’s selling.

The fist prototype “Narmor” piece. The Chainmail Raider stock.

Ethan currently sells his chainmail at local Hot Topics, and has decided to broaden his customer base by offering his [very hard to come by] skills to the online community. After talking with him, he and I have figured out a niche that I think will fit him perfectly, Nerf blaster ARMOR. Yeah, not armor for YOU, but chainmail armor for your BLASTER.

Ethan is currently working out the details, but soon you’ll be able to deck out your Recon, Retaliator, or Raider, or even barrel drums (or anything else he can come up with) in bands of authentic chainmail, made from a member of the ONC, just like you. Ethan has just gotten over half a mile of wire, and is rearing to kick business into high gear! So please check out his site and send him an inquiry (prices should generally be between $15 – 25, including shipping).

He’s shipping me a few bracelets now; when they get here I’ll be sure to take some HD pictures of them and put them here for you all to see.

Keep crafting Ethan!