N-Strike Elite Stockade Launches in the United Kingdom.

Nerf has sorta secretly released the new N-Strike Elite Stockade, and you can go get one now!! If you live in the United Kingdom, at least. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what a stockade is, it’s the upgraded version of the Barricade RV-10. We really didn’t hear much about this blaster at all for a long time, and we really don’t know much about it now! What we do know is that it sports a dual flywheel propulsion system, either semi or full-auto firing, sling attachment points, a tactical rail, and a stock that can store 10 extra rounds. It has also been given an advertised range of 75 feet. Read the full post on this blaster here.

MESSAGE TO MY UNITED KINGDOM VIEWERS                                                                                     Send me a picture of you with your stockade and I’ll feature it here! ;D

I also spotted this bit of news on BasicNerf‘s blog, so once again original credit goes to him.

Nerf releases another official N-Strike Elite Hailfire video.

Hey guys, so earlier today I found, through affiliate Kimosabi, that Nerf has released four more videos showing upcoming blasters, including our first official look at the Vortex Pryragon. I’ll be posting all the video links here (they aren’t on YouTube), along with the teaser trailers for the blasters. Enjoy!

Nerf Hailfire This video will take a couple minutes to boot up, but it gives us a nice view at the size of the blaster. We didn’t have that before.

*Revision, The video has been removed. Maybe this is just temporary, or maybe they’re moving it to YouTube? *shrugs* I’ll post it up whenever it becomes available.

*Double Revision! I got the link to work, even if only momentarily. I’ve taken a screen recording and have posted the video both on YouTube and a later post. Scroll up to see it.

YouTube Teaser


The Hailfire is a futuristic variant of the Vulcan EBF-25, but it’s so SOO much better!  The blaster uses a rotating clip dome on the underside of the blaster to store up to eight clips. That’s the biggest clip loadout yet, and if you use 18 round clips you’ll be packing a whopping 144 darts! One of the biggest surprises the new video shows us is the way the clip dome rotates.Many people thought that this would be an automatic, motor-driven feature. Well I’m pleased to say that our speculations were wrong. The Hailfire switches clips through a quick manual crank of the handle.This moves your empty clip out of the way and gets the next clip locked and loaded. without the weight or expense of bulky D or C batteries. Nice thinking Nerf.

The blaster does use 4 AA batteries to operate it’s dual flywheel propulsion system. Think about that, 4 AAs. That’s a couple rounds on a GameBoy! (Anyone besides me still have their old GameBoy Color) :] That means this blaster will cost about 3 dollars to operate, not the 5 – 10 bucks it costs to buy bigger batteries used to operate Stampedes, Vulcans, Nitrons or the like.

The actual firing of the blaster is very similar to Rayvens or Nitrons. Two triggers are located on the rear handle, the lower one revs up the dual flywheel propulsion system, and the upper pushes the loaded dart into their midst. The flywheels give the darts loads of speed and 75 feet away it goes.

I’m pumped for this blaster, anyone else? :]