Oh noes! You’ve been infected!

I’m a zombie!?!! NOOOOOOOO!!!

Yep! One way or another you’ve been turned! But fear not! The game isn’t over! In fact, many players prefer being on the brainless team. And now it’s your turn to be the big scary monstah! Flee little humans! Mwuahahahaahhaa!! *cough!* :p

So you won’t be one of the last remaining humans, big deal! Zombies get lots of perks that humans wish for. This post goes over those perks, just don’t expect any twinkies.

I’m like a twinkie, I’m full of self-preservation.

*twinkies or other hostes snacks are sometimes rewarded to long-surviving humans. This idea was birthed from the movie Zombieland, where main character Tallahassee goes through the zombie apocalypse searching only for revenge, and creamy, twinkie-y goodness.

Perk # 1

You don’t have to be afraid of going outside anymore! Most humans are hesitant to do so much as go get lunch during the game. And it’s all because they’re terrified of you. They miss classes, and may very well cower in their room all week just in order to survive. You, as with all your zombie friends, don’t have this problem. You have free range over the campus. No more missed classes, no more feelings of improsonment, and a considerably shorter line at Chick-fil-A.

Zombie cat fist bump.

Like this post if you fist bumped the screen!

Perk numbah 2!!

You can’t die anymore! From now on the worst that can happen to you is that you become stunned and are out of the game for about 10 minutes. That’s it. Because of this, you’ll be able to actually play the game more often. You can get tagged over and over again, and still you’ll get to harass the barnacles off of humans. You may even decide to purposefully go get stunned, just to see the sheer look of terror on the face of the victim you’ve chosen to rush at! No more fear for you!

¡Kerp número tres!

You don’t have to carry around any equipment. No bulky blasters or socks, you just need a headband, and that can fit in your pocket if you need to take it off. This lack of stuff to carry around makes you faster than most humans, and speed is a very, VERY big advantage.

Perk # 4

Intimidation – while this trait can be shared by both humans and zombies, zombies tend to look much, much scarier when they want to.

So that’s it, you go from a foam-flinging superhero to a nigh-invincible nightmare. Not a bad tradeoff, and certainly just as fun. And if you get your hands on a melee weapon (no blasters for zombies) you can look pretty dang awesome too. Now go forth, and nom some brains!