Nerf Vortex Mini Pocket Footballs // a.k.a. GRENADES!!!

The other day I was in Academy Sports & Outdoors and noticed something very interesting in the Nerf section. Academy wasn’t stocking the new Elite line yet, but they had some of the new Nerf Sports line. What really caught my attention were some very tiny Nerf footballs, called the Aero Flyers. Now I’ve seen these before… when I was six. Seeing them really brought back some cool memories of playing with my little green black and red one with my dad. I’m glad the little 4″ Pockets have stuck around. Anyway, I nearly grabbed a couple to use as grenades in HvZ, and if I didn’t like them so much and wasn’t worried about not getting them back after tossing  them I would have. What do you think? Grenade worthy? 😉

After doing a bit of research online, I found out that there are nearly as many Nerf footballs as there are blasters. Actually, the first Nerf football was released back in 1972, before even the first blaster! There have been dozens of different models and colors, even some sponsored by major American football  figures, like the Peyton Manning football. There are even special models with team colorations, like the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers balls. (There are several versions of all of these balls).

There’s even a Nerf Spiderman football.

I found a cool “History and Evolution of the Nerf Football” article, you might like it. 🙂

The 12.5” Nerf Mega Aero Howler Football whistles as it flies through the air. *throw* Whiiiiiiissssstle BOOM!!!

Oh, they had this too, which looks AMAZING to me. If you don’t want to just toss it around as a football, you could always use it in a war as a mortar. 😉 The Mega Aero Howler retails for around $10.