Happy Launch Day Everyone!

Today is August 1st, and that means that the N-Strike Elite line has officially launched! The new blasters (Retaliator, Rampage, and Hail-Fire) can now be purchased in-store in most major retailers. Today I went on a quest to find out where they’re available, and here’s what I found.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator selling for $24.99 at Target.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Packages

Just a quick heads up for those of you who haven’t heard, the new N-Strike Elite darts have hit the shelves! (Though mostly just in Toys R Us and online sources). There is also a new, smaller pack available for those who want to test out the new darts before making a larger purchase. The new pack contains 12 darts (enough to refill either a Retaliator clip or two standard 6-round clips, and retails for $6.99. Availability is now.

Remember, these new darts are a lot better than standard streamlines, and here’s why:

  • They’re made from thicker, tougher foam. This makes them less likely to shred in the event of a jam, and the added density makes them more accurate. Streamlines were so light that it was hard for them to maintain a straight trajectory; they curved a lot. The Elite darts don’t have that problem.
  • The tip is also slightly more dense. This increased density in the tip also enhances accuracy. (Imagine a game of follow the leader. Streamlines had a weak leader, the tip, and so the rest of the dart didn’t follow it. They fishtailed and veered off course. But Elites have a strong leader, and the darts shaft falls in line nicely behind it.
  • Improved aerodynamics. The new tip has a more tapered edge to it, and the sides of the tip line up with the walls of the foam shaft in an almost parallel manner. Streamlines had a more aggressive edge to their tips, making wind push against the sides of the tip and push it off course.
  • They feature a smaller hole in the tip. Not sure exactly what it’s for, but I know that, just like an open door on a flying airplane, air is pulled out of the hole (from inside the dart) and pushed out the side of the dart tip as it flies. The streamline holes were too big, and the air pressure pushed the dart tip off course. The new smaller holes don’t give out enough pressure to do that.
  • Also, they’re shiny! 😀

Picture via Foam From Above.

I learned about this new package from BasicNerf, so credit goes to him for the original find (on Amazon).

The New N-Strike Elite 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip

Hello all! This is a quick opinion-seeking post. As many of you know, the new Nerf 18 round clip (the one being released in the Elite line) has one solid side (on the left) and one clear side (on the right). Cool right? Well, here’s where the opinions come in. My thoughts are that the clear part would be more useful on the left side of the clip. Reason being that in a Nerf war or HvZ event, most people are right handed, and will be pocketing their blaster into their right shoulder. When they look down at their blaster, they would be seeing the left side of the clip (the solid side). So in order to use the functionality the clear side offers, the player would have to un-pocket their blaster and turn it on its side so they could see the clear section of the clip. BasicNerf tells me that this isn’t a big deal, and I trust him, but I can foresee that “let me check my ammo really quick” scenario leading to someone being either stunned or zombified!

On the bright side, any section of the clip being clear is still an improvement over the old, solid Stampede clips. And you have to admit, rather than either emptying your clip to know you’re out, or taking it out of your blaster and counting the number of darts you have left through a TINY little window, checking your remaining ammo now only takes one second. Un-pocket, flip & check, Re-pocket, done. Also, now we can get 18 round clips without buying a huge Stampede or ordering them online! That in itself is just plain awesome!

So what do you think? Is the lefty-favored aspect of the new clip offsetting to you, or does the sheer fact that you can now buy them separately and the faster ammo check feature make up for it? I’m leaning towards the positive side of the argument. Leave your own opinion in the comment section below!

The new N-Strike Elite 18 round clip will launch with the Elite blasters this August. It will include 18 rounds of Elite ammunition, and will retail for $9.99.

Watch BasicNerf’s unboxing of the new clip here.

Nerf ALSO releases all prices for every piece of N-Strike Elite Equipment :)

I’m personally looking forward to the Elite Bandolier. It’s even my school colors!

Nerf has just posted the prices for all N-Strike Elite gear on the official Hasbro site. Now you can start thinking about how much you want to spend, and what exactly you can get for that amount, so start planning your new armory now! :] It looks like there are several pieces in the Elite line that we didn’t know about before, like the Elite bandolier and Elite Tactical Vest. There are also different sized packages of Elite darts shown and even the price for the new Nerf Pyragon. You can also click “where to buy” to figure out exactly where the blaster you want will be in stock.

Here’s the official link.

And just in case the link decides to stop working (like the new Elite blaster video links, grrrr) here are a few screenshots showing all the new gear. Bon appetit. ^_^