Time for another bed-time story! With Hillary Clinton!

Spotted this on Jason’s blog, and thought it was too good to not highlight. PDK films, a larger Nerfing videographer within the ONC, has created a absolutely insane video titled “Nerf Nightmare 2”. It is VERY well edited, and definitely gives off a chilling effect. Don’t watch before bed. Awe who am I kidding. Knock yourself out. 😉 Sleep tight.

Welcome to ShiningFoam!

Hello there and welcome to the blog! I’m guessing you came here because you love Nerf. Well, so do I! So we should get along great! I’ve loved the stuff ever since I was little, but once a game called Humans vs. Zombies came to my campus, well let’s just say that my little foam engine got fired up again. Now I’ve got the knowledge and experience to reach out and teach the Nerf community. This blog is meant to be an informative review station for all sorts of Nerfy goodness, from melee weapons to super soakers and  everything in-between. So welcome to the community! Have fun and blast away!

~ Michael

Here’s a picture of me with my friends. That’s me holding the camera.