JohnsonArms and the Mass Effect Blasters // N7

JohnsonArms has impressed yet again (and so soon too!) with two more pieces of his Mass Effect line of custom painted blasters. The latest additions include a Maverick REV-6 and a Recon CS-6, both with custom Mass Effect paint schemes. I especially like the scarlet red accents. 😉 Brian also gives a worn, metallic look to the blasters (and that’s a very hard trick to pull off on plastic!). Below are a few pics of some other blasters within the series.

All of Brian’s work is for sale, and he takes custom orders, so if you see something you like, or if you have an idea for your own, one of a kind blaster, send him an email at to get a quote (Also, tell him ShiningFoam sent you there!). When you walk into battle looking like Commander Shepard, or any other alien-slaying superhero, you won’t regret it.

Visit the JohnsonArms blog here.   And the Facebook Photo Gallery here.


Johnson Arms and the big bad Pulse Rifle

Profesional customizer JohnsonArms went into collaboration with Christopher Glas Studios on this project. They’ve turned a Nerf Stampede ECS Pulse Rifle style with loads of custom bodywork and a sweet paint scheme. The suped-up blaster is based off the one seen in the movie Aliens, and is now equipped with an air-soft shotgun, a styrene shell, a metal barrel and an electronic dart counter. The non-Nerf parts are just for show, but man does the thing look sweet. Brian mentions that this is just a prototype, so we can expect a bigger and badder version in the future.

Also, check out Glas’s DeviantArt gallery, it’s pretty sweet.