Toys “R” Us Tech

I was in a Toys “R” Us yesterday and spotted some cool tech that, until now (at least as far as I’m aware), was only available in Europe. I found a digital camera, a camcorder, an Mp3 player, night-vision binoculars, and a helmet camera. Check out the vid below for full coverage.


Nerf LED Flashlight, ready for tactical rails

Nerf has produced some pretty wimpy lights for their blasters in the past. You know, those things that lit up green or red and barely went 10 feet? Yeah, great for battle right? Welp, future Nerfers won’t have that problem. :] Now your night-time battles can be accompanied by the new Nerf LED Flashlight. K-Mart is selling them for $14.99. No word on the number of LEDs or the brightness level yet, but the image K-mart provides makes it look like a pretty solid accessory. The light also features a tactical rail clamp, so you can mount it directly onto your blaster. Now this is just an idea of mine, but this combo seems like a nice one. 😉 Props go out to Nerf Blaster Reviews for spotting this on the K-Mart site. Release date is, well, now. :]

New Nerf Electronics for 2012 – London Toy Fair

So I just found this video showing coverage of Nerfs presence at the 2012 London Toy Fair, and man am I impressed at what I found. Night vision goggles, helmet cameras, walk talkies, all Nerf-made. Check out the video for full coverage of all the new electronics Nerf will be releasing this year.

The New Gear

It looks like Nerf will be releasing a bunch of new gear to accompany its blaster lines. I have a thing for helmet cameras, so I’m pretty excited about what kind of footage members of the Nerf Nation will create using the new Helmet Cams. There are two versions, one with orange accents and one with black, and both come with a built in 1.5 in. review screen and video editing software. Pretty cool, eh?

There were also two versions of digital cameras on display (one 2.1 Megapixel and one 7.1 Megapixel), along with two versions of a flip-style handheld camcorder (one 640 x 480p version with orange accents, and one HD version with black accents), a set of walkie talkies with a range of up to 1,000 feet, and an MP3 player with 2 GBs of onboard memory (about 500 songs).

The biggest items were two versions of night visions goggles (the packaging was different, but the goggles themselves looked the same. I’m sure something extra comes in the larger box version), and a night vision binocular set that also functions as a camcorder.

Come on! Now that’s badarse!