The Lost Episode of HvZ Season 1!!!

Tons of you have been wondering where episode 5 (Mission 2 part 4) has been, and I found it! It was hiding under my bed, eating lost Nerf discs and afraid to come out because it felt it wasn’t action-y enough. But I eventually coaxed it into the daylight! I also gave it some commentary because gosh it wasn’t action-y! Sorry for the delay guys! I straight up forgot about this episode and skipped it in production! HvZ season 1 is complete!

Time for another bed-time story! With Hillary Clinton!

Spotted this on Jason’s blog, and thought it was too good to not highlight. PDK films, a larger Nerfing videographer within the ONC, has created a absolutely insane video titled “Nerf Nightmare 2”. It is VERY well edited, and definitely gives off a chilling effect. Don’t watch before bed. Awe who am I kidding. Knock yourself out. 😉 Sleep tight.