Johnson Arms and the big bad Pulse Rifle

Profesional customizer JohnsonArms went into collaboration with Christopher Glas Studios on this project. They’ve turned a Nerf Stampede ECS Pulse Rifle style with loads of custom bodywork and a sweet paint scheme. The suped-up blaster is based off the one seen in the movie Aliens, and is now equipped with an air-soft shotgun, a styrene shell, a metal barrel and an electronic dart counter. The non-Nerf parts are just for show, but man does the thing look sweet. Brian mentions that this is just a prototype, so we can expect a bigger and badder version in the future.

Also, check out Glas’s DeviantArt gallery, it’s pretty sweet.

Alpha Trooper CS-18 is still up for grabs

I’ve heard there’s still some discrepancy as to whether or not the Alpha trooper is still available in stores. And I happened to stumble across a bit of proof to debunk those fears. 🙂 While job hunting today, I spotted three Alpha Troopers perched merrily on the shelf in Target’s Nerf section. Looks to me like the ol’ AT is around to stay.

The blasters were selling for $19.99. Remember that this blaster features slam fire, an eighteen round drum (That might be useful for compacting that 144 dart maximum in the Hail-Fire, it could replace one of those long 18 round clips), one tactical rail and a stock attachment point. For all that, 20 bucks sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. 😉

Pictures were taken from mah iPhone.