Kimosabi makes a Raider… pistol.

Sometimes Kimosabi hurts my brain. I can’t fathom how he came up with this one, but he’s taken a Raider ~ you know, one of those big 35 dart drum, slam fire, two handed blasters that put a vulcan to shame? ~ and has turned the thing into an SMG style PISTOL. The new mini-raider now has a Deploy fore-grip, and even uses some boy scout bling as a priming handle. It still retains it’s slam fire ability and he states that it can now launch stock foam darts up to 70 feet. Wizard folks, he’s a wizard.

Kimosabi debuts his custom Longstrike

The Longstrike CS-6 is a great blaster, but from what I’ve both heard and experienced, the ranges can be rather inconsistent. Kimosabi decided to fix that. For those of you who are modders, he shows the potential accuracy of this great Nerf blaster, along with showing his creativity by ¬†integrating a reflex as both a secondary grip and as a close-quarters weapon. Check his video out, the accuracy will blow your mind!