This is part of ShiningFoamGaming, my alternative YouTube channel, and is dedicated to the adventures, quests, battles, and (I’m not afraid to admit it) stupidity that unfold as I don the mask of Captain America across Minecraftia. Feel free to watch the episodes shown here, but if you really want to be part of the intended interactive nature of the series, head on over the this playlist, and leave a comment to share your opinion on what trouble I should get myself into next! Likes, favorites, and all that other good stuff is appreciated. 🙂 Enjoy Captain’s Quest, a Minecraft Let’s Play!

Episode 1: I think I’ll Live in a Hobbit Hole

Episode 2: Ohmahgosh I’m starving!! o_O

Ep. 3: Hunting the Jungle Fowl!

Ep. 4: Fancy Hobbit Hole!

Ep. 5: I has a Chicken

Ep.6: Observatory!

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