Mammalogy: Consumer of LIVES!! o_O

Hello everyone! I want to thank you all for the continued support over the last month or so, and also let you know what’s been going on from my side of the computer! So here’s the deal… My life, mammalogy ate it. Yep, the one class alone requires me to read hundreds of pages of text booky goodnes every week, along with two exams per week. Add on economics, wildlife, technical (fancy science stuff) writing, public speaking (where I actually pretend I’m making a YouTube video when I’m standing up talking to everyone ^_^), research papers, and literal all-weekend-long lab projects, I have next to no time to run my sites! D’:

HOWEVER! My 22nd birthday is coming up this tuesday, and I think I may just be getting a software upgrade for video-making. I have taken a TON of footage when I’ve had the time, but I’ve been waiting to publish it until after my birthday, just to see what happens.

Also, I won’t unveil it just yet but I’m working on -another- new YouTube Channel, one where none of the early videos suck!

So that’s it with me guys, how have YOU been? 🙂

Nerf Unveils the Elite Pinpoint Sight

My affiliate AwsomelyNerf contacted me earlier this morning with some great information. AN is down in Singapore, and has gotten a sneak peak of the new N-Strike Elite Pinpoint Sight by means of a guide book distributed out at local toy stores. The stores have been having “Elite tryout” games and he managed to get the pamphlet there. Apparently they have also been handed out at the 2012 Malaysian Nerf Dart Tag Tournament as well.

EDIT: I misunderstood. The guide book is ONLY distributed at the dart tag tournament. The store promotions are still really cool though. 🙂

Breakdown of the games:

  • Grab a locked, loaded, and ready to fire Retaliator.
  • Aim at two rows of targets. Four targets on top, worth 5 points each, Four targets on bottom, worth 2 points each.
  • Fire. Hitting the targets earns you points. If you earn enough, you win a Nerf prize.

No word yet on how exactly the sight functions (It may work exactly the same as the N-Strike version or it may be better) but man it looks cool! Thanks AN for the info!

Introducing ShiningFoamGaming

What’s up guys, so I just made a new channel (well, two new channels actually) on YouTube, ShiningFoam and ShiningFoamGaming. I’ll explain later but these channels will be replacing HvZAuburn. Don’t worry! You’ll still get loads of Nerfiness! You’ll also get video game commentaries, so if you’re into that you may want to check it out.

Speaking of which! I have just uploaded my first video onto SFG, a minecraft LetsPlay. The quality of the videos will improve, I promise, I’m just learning the whole screen-capture thing. So then! If you’d like to find out who my favorite superhero is, and see me make a fool of myself, click below to watch the first episode of Captain’s Quest! Also, if you like what you see, and if you’d like more of it, a like, subscribe n’ all that other good stuff would be appreciated. Stay Shiny! ;D