Greatness, Go Find Yours.

A few minutes ago I watched Nike’s new “Greatness” ad, and it was one of those commercials that isn’t really a commercial in the sense that it makes you want to go buy something, but it was more the kind that makes you feel like you have a little ball of awesome locked up inside you ready to burst out into the open. Problem is, the awesome is locked up. The solution… YOU have the key to free it.

Each and every one of you reading this right now, no matter how small you may think you are, no matter where you are or what your background is, you CAN be awesome. So your parents fight or are divorced (mine are), get over it. So your grades aren’t the best right now, get over it. People make fun of the way you look (been there) get OVER it! So what if people don’t believe in you! Screw ’em!  NO ONE is capable of stopping you from being the amazing person that you’re meant to be! So you want to be an astronaut? Go do it. Scientist? Politician? You want to change the way things are? GO DO IT. No one else is going to  make your dream real… but YOU can, and nothing, NO one can stop you.

Nation, go be awesome today. And never, ever stop.

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