The Nerf VORTEX Pyragon, Now on Store Shelves!

YAAARRR!! Thar she blows!! Hoist the mainsail and man the oars! Capture the mighty beast we must!…    YAAAARR!!!

So my soon-to-be-favorite-blaster-of-all-freakin’-time hit shelves today. The Pyragon was publicly launched this morning with the Nerf N-Strike Elite line, and well, here are some pictures of this massive white whale of a blaster! 😀

Call me Captain freakin’ Nemo, but I WILL have this blaster!

Up until recently people have been wondering if the 40-round Vortex drum was designed specifically for the Pyragon, or if it’s a universal Vortex clip. Welp, the box says it’s universal. That means that if you feel like switching things up for a battle, or if you’re in a war with a no-rapid-fire rule, you can still use this massive clip in either the Nitron or Praxis. Nice move Nerf.


11 thoughts on “The Nerf VORTEX Pyragon, Now on Store Shelves!

  1. Personally love the Pyragon, assuming it lives up to its hype and reviews.
    Slam-fire + super high capacity + awesome stock range = EPIC
    Not to mention the added capacity and easy reloads of the Vortex Ammo Belt…

  2. Oh.Oh.Oh. my gosh! I too, personally love the Pyragon, like p13c30fch33s3 but it’s getting hard to decide whether or not to get a Strongarm instead.
    Oh well, going to have to save up. ;D

    • Well, the Stongarm is probably going to cost somewhere around $10 like the Maverick, while the Pyragon costs $40. Though the Pyragon can kick the Stongarm to the moon and back in a one on one battle.

    • Ditch is such a strong word! 😥 My plan is to get a Pyragon for myself, and let my wingman use the Praxis. Last season he had a Deploy, and definitely needs an upgrade.

      • Awesome! I have a praxis and I Love it! Not sure if I’ll get a Pyragon, because of how awesome my praxis is.

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