BasicNerf and the Zombies of Camarillo

BasicNerf took to the fields of Camarillo for a little HvZ action this past weekend. He used his GoPro camera, and teamed up with Coop from ClickClickBAMF, to make an AWESOME music video covering the event. Check out Basic’s first edited work below!

Give it ’till 1:17 for the action to start. Oh, and just braggin’ on him, Basic survived until the last five humans. That’s my man! Check out the original post here.

One thought on “BasicNerf and the Zombies of Camarillo

  1. Thanks for posting this Michael! It was quite a fun event, I’m not bothered by my “cons” of the event anymore (thats cons as in pros and cons.)

    I want to make a recap post of the event, but remembering the missions is a bit tough though. I’ll try to get to that in a week or two. For anyone interested in this event a bit more, I have interviews with the game organizers and the 16 year old mvp of the event on my blog.

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