The First Links in a VERY Cool Chain

A few days ago I was introduced to another amazing member of the Online Nerfing Community, and one that just so happens to have a VERY cool talent. Ethan Grant is a YouTuber/Nerfer who has a nack for creating chainmail. Yeah, real, handmade, CHAINMAIL. For those of you who don’t know, chainmail is a style of medieval armor that was worn by castle guards, knights, and even samurai warriors hundreds of years ago. The stuff was like the bulletproof vest of last millennium, and still holds a very strong aura of cool about it.

Ethan is able to create full protective vests and shirts, along with bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, even FRISBEES all out of chainmail. He has very recently started up his YouTube channel and has shown off a few of his current products while discussing his love for nerf and the nerfing community. And get this guys, he’s selling.

The fist prototype “Narmor” piece. The Chainmail Raider stock.

Ethan currently sells his chainmail at local Hot Topics, and has decided to broaden his customer base by offering his [very hard to come by] skills to the online community. After talking with him, he and I have figured out a niche that I think will fit him perfectly, Nerf blaster ARMOR. Yeah, not armor for YOU, but chainmail armor for your BLASTER.

Ethan is currently working out the details, but soon you’ll be able to deck out your Recon, Retaliator, or Raider, or even barrel drums (or anything else he can come up with) in bands of authentic chainmail, made from a member of the ONC, just like you. Ethan has just gotten over half a mile of wire, and is rearing to kick business into high gear! So please check out his site and send him an inquiry (prices should generally be between $15 – 25, including shipping).

He’s shipping me a few bracelets now; when they get here I’ll be sure to take some HD pictures of them and put them here for you all to see.

Keep crafting Ethan!

The 5 Basic Tips of HvZ Survival // By BasicNerf

I was requested by BasicNerf to put a post of his onto this site. Jason recently survived to the very last handful of humans at the Californian Camarillo HvZ event, and the experience taught him a think or two about zombie survival.

Per request, I give you a very very nearly almost direct quote from BasicNerfing (I fixed the grammatical errors) :]. I’ve also included my own thoughts on the issues he mentions. Any additional information I provide is listed in orange.

The last group of humans headed towards the final Summer 2012 Mission

In my two day long games at Camarillo (Day 3 Summer 2011) I’ve had fun, made friends, and learned a bit more about Humans vs. Zombies. I’m here to impart some of this knowledge to the newer players out there. It’s been about 5 weeks since the Summer 2012 game (July 20) so here’s 5 Basic tips, or points of emphasis, that should help you stay alive as a human for as long as possible.

1. Nutrition/Energy are essential for good performance.

The above photo is what I ate for breakfast of the Summer 2012 game, and it still wasn’t enough. My usual peanut butter and banana sandwich plus an egg on the side filled me up, but by lunchtime it was gone. The mods ran us around the park while removing our safe zone. I felt very drained and on the hungry side. Always make sure you’re appropriately fueled for games and missions. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be more aware of your surroundings, more alert, and quicker to respond. I really don’t need to go into the benefits of proper nutrition intake during exercise and sporting events, since it’s a pretty common thing.

Jason is right, when the zombies are stalking you and you have to be at your tactical pinnacle, you don’t really need a gnawing, grinding stomach bothering you. Good meals = good performance, so fill ‘er up, and bring snacks!

2. Prepare to run, stamina is important

When you play HvZ, your probably gonna play with other people, and then eventually squads and teams will be formed. You gotta prepare to move faster than a simple walk, perhaps even jog or run. What you should really be prepared to do is run for your life if you need to get away from the zombies. In both of my games, I had to run for my life and dodge zombies due to blaster feeding problems and running out of ammo. If I hadn’t been ready to go, then I wound have not lasted until the end of each game. I had to book it in my first game; had to run and dodge in my second game, and I bet you I’ll have to do more running and dodging next game as well.

In the same idea, stamina is also important. You can run faster than the other person, but can you run faster then them in say about 15 seconds? Stamina is also important for keeping a high level of performance during the game and missions. Keep your stamina up in real life, and it’ll pay back in health and HvZ.

He’s right again. Zombies would LOVE to find a nice slow meal with tons of ammunition. You’ll get surrounded, run out of ammo, and have your face turned slurpy within five minutes. Get in shape dawg!

3. Get comfortable with your equipment, be practical, be efficient.

Guess who got nommed on early?

See the asian guy in the center with the tan pants? He seemed like the most HvZ ready equipment-wise out of everyone. He had a painted, minimized, modded Stampede, with an extra one in the back pocket of his vest. His vest could carry six 18 dart Stampede clips, and the hip MOLLE pouch carried 2 or 3 more. Dude even had hearing aids to help him hear zombies.

*totally envious of the hearing aides*

However, he later complained that his batteries weren’t working on his Stampede. About a quarter of the game through, and he’s already a zombie. My friend to the right of the screen, the one with the glasses, pretty much survived until the end with just what you see on him. No shots at that Stampede guy, but he should have fixed whatever problems he had before he came to the game.

I’m not going to give out loadout tips or how to equip yourself during games, but just know that you should be comfortable and knowledgeable with your equipment. Can you fix a jam? How about under pressure? Or while running away? Doing things like this make you proficient, which in turn makes you efficient. And trust me all these things factor in while you’re staring at a zombie [with an empty clip in your blaster, only the zombie doesn’t know it’s empty] and wondering if you can reload in time before he has a chance to know that you’re out of darts in your clip.

Again, this totally makes sense. People often get nervous with in the game, and that makes them function not exactly at the top of their game. I’ve even heard of people slapping their blasters to try and make them work because their hands were shaking too badly to operate it properly. Get comfortable with your loadout of choice, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the game.

If you would like to view the last half of this article, you may view it on the BasicNerfing website here.


One Small Step for Man…

Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon.

Saw this video on Jason’s blog, thought it was awesome, put it here for all the shinies to see.

Over the weekend Neil Armstong passed away. For those of you who haven’t heard the name, Armstrong was the mission commander of the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing. Leading fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, he became the first human to set foot on the Moon and is one of only twelve individuals who have done so in the history of our planet. He also was a Navy officer, served int the Korean War, and was an aeronautics test pilot. Armstrong was, and still is revered as a hero to the common man, because he showed everyone that if you try hard enough, you can do amazing things. Rest in peace Neil.

Commander Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins leave Earth for the moon in their Saturn V Rocket, the only vehicle to ever launch humans beyond standard low-Earth-orbit flights.

The Apollo 11 mission provided us with the first picture of Earth floating in space. The photo shows Earth as a very literal, small blue ball of life, surrounded by empty blackness. This photo prompted the eco-wave. Once provided with a visual stimulus showing us “This is the only home you have. Take care of it.” green technology began to flourish, including more efficient energy production and alternative energy research.

Neil Armstrong steps out of the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander and becomes the first human to ever set foot on the moon.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant the US flag on the lunar surface.

After launching off the lunar surface, Apollo 11, along with all three astronauts, reentered Earth’s Atmosphere and, using parachutes and flotation devices, landed in the Pacific Ocean, where it was then retrieved by the USS Hornet.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins aboard the USS Hornet after being retrieved from the North Pacific Ocean. The Hornet then carried them and their spacecraft to Pearl Harbor, where they were then airlifted to the Johnson Space Center.

One last thing Shinies… leave your mark on history, okay? 🙂

The ShiningFoam Armoury

What’s up Nation? Yesterday I published a video promising you an armory video (a few of you have been asking for one), and today I deliver! My Nerf collection is certainly smaller than some others, but it’s organized! :] I may be getting something else soon; if I do I’m sure you’ll find out, and if the armory changes a great deal I’ll make an update video. Hope you like it!

Temporarily cut off from the world. :'(

Hi guys! I’m in my new apartment right now and have NO idea where I’m getting this internet connection from… Figured I’d just let you know that I’m cut off from the interwebs! D’: My apartment doesn’t have its own wifi at the moment, and even though I have a connection on campus, the only time I’m ever there is when I’m either in class or working as a clerk. HOWEVER, I just bought a new Apple Airport Extreme router for my Mac yesterday. Hopefully I’ll be able to set that up soon and get everything up and running again. I miss you guys! 😥

Greatness, Go Find Yours.

A few minutes ago I watched Nike’s new “Greatness” ad, and it was one of those commercials that isn’t really a commercial in the sense that it makes you want to go buy something, but it was more the kind that makes you feel like you have a little ball of awesome locked up inside you ready to burst out into the open. Problem is, the awesome is locked up. The solution… YOU have the key to free it.

Each and every one of you reading this right now, no matter how small you may think you are, no matter where you are or what your background is, you CAN be awesome. So your parents fight or are divorced (mine are), get over it. So your grades aren’t the best right now, get over it. People make fun of the way you look (been there) get OVER it! So what if people don’t believe in you! Screw ’em!  NO ONE is capable of stopping you from being the amazing person that you’re meant to be! So you want to be an astronaut? Go do it. Scientist? Politician? You want to change the way things are? GO DO IT. No one else is going to  make your dream real… but YOU can, and nothing, NO one can stop you.

Nation, go be awesome today. And never, ever stop.