What should I call you guys?

Okay, so it’s come to my attention that there are a LOT of you. Several thousand on YouTube and several thousand here. And, I wanna know what to call you guys! I know some people call their audience “audience”, “forum”, “bros”, “sweet mama chili fries”, all sorts of things. And I think it’s time you all got a name! So take a second and fill out the quick survey below! This will also help out with a new page idea I have where you, yep, YOU, get featured. So do it! :]


8 thoughts on “What should I call you guys?

  1. I might be a little late to weigh in, but how about the “Gradies” based upon the Grady family from The Shining?

    • It isn’t too late at all. I have a fixed number in my head. When that many votes is reached, I’ll decide. Never seen The Shining, its scary, right?

      • Yeah, it’s considered a psychological thriller, but deep and disturbing is more like it. Also, a bit dated and not gore-centered. On a side note, there are clips of The Shining playing at the drive-in screen scene of Twister. Thanks for your work on ShiningFoam and for responding. And seriously, I like the Shinies.

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