Prayers for Pawpaw

Hi guys, this is just a quick request of mine. My grandfather has had a motorcycle accident and is now in the ER. He has a broken arm, but that’s all I know. If you’re religious, a prayer for him would be appreciated. His name is Chet Lambert.


~ Michael


Pawpaw was driving home on his 3-wheeled motorcycle. On the way, a large truck was pulling out of a subdivision onto the main road, and was turning left trying to beat 2 other cars so they wouldn’t be in front of him. The driver didn’t look left, and pulled right out in front of Pawpaw. Pawpaw hit the truck with his motorcycle and flew over the handlebars. His forearm and wrist is broken, along with several nasty scrapes over the rest of his body. As far as I’m aware, the truck driver is fine.

We’re all at the hospital now and Pawpaw has been admitted into surgery. He’s been laughing and smiling the whole time, teasing the nurses and making jokes. The nurses are having a blast with him, blowing him kisses and smiling at him constantly. I’m glad he’s still his happy, extravert-y self. 🙂

nurse ~ “Do you have any children?”

Pawpaw ~ “Oh yeah! I have a daughter with four legs!”

nurse ~ “Oh. I… I haven’t seen that before.”

Pawpaw ~ “She’s a miniature pinscher” ^_^


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